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TRIFINANCIAL was established in order to provide Third Party payment, Gateway for online seller shopping carts and wholesale exchanges. TRIFINANCIAL Provides our clients the opportunity of receiving reliable and secure merchant payments from multiple sources. 

Credit Card

Fraud Investigations and Monitoring

Client support in fraud detection and investigations to support payment systems. Our financial investigators conduct financial investigations focusing on fraud, mergers and acquisitions and various covert investigations of insider threat suspicion.

Cargo Ship

Logistical Response and Support

Teams of subject matter experts to facilitate and support new ventures by embedding personnel into the planning process. Information sharing and facilitated team discussions will result in efficient and focused results.

Office Space

Merchant Services

Supporting our clients with fair and focused merchant to meet  requirements to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of electronic payments. Various plans assist with discounted rates for high volume, new business ventures, and e-commerce needs for the high risk market.

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